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Career Paths at G42

Admin and Facilities

Provides various office and location support activities. Identifies, enhances and follows specific processes and procedures to maximize the efficiencies of the business to which the support is being provided; ensures the correct functioning of facilities, office and/or business support services.

Data Analytics/Business Intelligence and Data Science

Develops, analyzes and models operational, economic, management, accounting and other organizational data. Recommends solutions to new and complex problems, develops innovative strategies, transforms data into a useful format for analysis encompassing everything from cleaning data to deploying predictive models. It is a field, which combines computer science and robust datasets, to enable problem-solving.

Executive Leadership

Strategize long-term vision, mission and policy to shape the direction of the corporate/Business Unit, make major decisions and manage overall resources and operations.

Financial Operations and Tax

Conducts financial analyses. Develops and prepares the organization's financial plans and budgets, interprets financial reports and tax returns, and maintains good corporate relations with the investment and banking communities.

Human Capital

Designs, implements and monitors human resource programs and policies, including recruitment, learning and development, performance management, compensation, benefits, equal opportunity and diversity, etc. Anticipates and plans for long-term human resource needs and trends.

Information Technology Operations

Responsible for the design, development, delivery and management of information technology (IT) service operations covering new and existing applications, information and data security, system and platform architecture, network systems and applications infrastructure, and the management of the IT infrastructure including the physical network (e.g., LANs/Wans, servers, terminals).

Investment Management

Responsible for creating opportunities to grow the number of assets and their value by identifying, investigating, evaluating, negotiating and managing actions, such as, trading, EFTs, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), divestitures, deals, licensing opportunities and strategic business alliances, that are in line with the organization's long-range goals.

Healthcare Technician

Focused on oversight of day-to-day laboratory operations and accountable for regulatory compliance, policy and procedural compliance and oversight of technical issues relating to activities undertaken in the laboratory. In addition, engage in specimen management, extractions, quality management, sample preparation and sequencing. Performs a variety of skilled tasks, applying broad or in-depth technical or scientific knowledge.


Provides legal advice and services on issues concerning the rights, obligations and privileges of the organization. Represents the organization to customers, suppliers, competitors and government agencies. Provides resolution of business or technical issues by identifying legal solutions and recommending a course of action. Examines legal data to determine advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuits.

Marketing and Communications

Markets the organization's products, brands and/or services. Designs, develops and implements communication programs to advertise the organization's products/brands/services using media (e.g., print, broadcast, digital), events and sales promotions. Develops and evaluates pricing strategies and structures. Designs and maintains websites to promote and sell the organization's products.

Network Engineering

Provides technical expertise in the oversight of a public and/or private network such as Internet Protocol (IP) networks, local and storage area networks (WANs, LANs, SANs) and public switched telephone networks. Plans, designs, installs, maintains, monitors, analyzes, troubleshoots, modifies and supports network communications systems to provide maximum performance and availability.

Product Development

Discovers and develops new technology product ideas, strategic product extensions or enhancements to existing products for the translation of research discoveries into usable and marketable products. Leads, plans and tracks all phases of the technology product life cycle from inception through introduction into the marketplace.

Research and Development

Performs theoretical and experimental scientific and technological investigation directed toward the acquisition of new knowledge. Has primary responsibility for both applied research/engineering development and basic/ fundamental research. Applied research responsibilities include research into specific applications such as improved quality of existing products, more cost-effective manufacturing processes, a new product line or a new area of business.

Risk Management

Develops, recommends and implements controls and cost-effective approaches to minimize the organization's risks effects. Identifies and analyzes potential sources of loss to minimize risk and estimates the financial consequences of an occurring loss.

Sales and Business Development

Responsible for marketing, sales, customer service and business development to promote and support the organization's products and services. Works to improve an organization's market position and achieve financial growth.

Service and Delivery

Manages ongoing client relationships and the operational delivery of services to clients for an account or group of accounts. Serves as the primary point of contact with clients and ensures timely and successful delivery of services/ solutions.

Strategy and Planning

Develops the organization's strategic plan(s) to ensure its continued successful growth and profitability. Conducts environmental scans, organization positioning analyses and other studies. Identifies, investigates, evaluates and negotiates acquisitions/divestitures, licensing opportunities and strategic business alliances that are in line with the organization's long-range goals.

Procurement and Supply Chain

Performs supply chain and logistics functions, which may include, but are not limited to, material procurement, production planning, inventory control, outsourcing, vendor selection and distribution. Creates integrated processes among internal functions such as operations, purchasing and logistics, and outside suppliers.

Product Consulting

Provides a broad range of consulting/professional services and Subject matter expertise on: 1. Technology consulting - strategy, architecture and design, systems development, enterprise back office solutions or infrastructure solutions. 2. Product/Domain consulting - Discovers and develops new technology product ideas, strategic product extensions or enhancements to existing products for the translation of research discoveries into usable and marketable products.

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