Careers at Group42

Advance your career while transforming society 
At Group42 you will work with some of the world's most talented innovators, data scientists, engineers and thought leaders who are on a mission to create the most progressive technology solutions to problems in every sector. We believe in bold ideas, value diversity, and empower our people, no matter their role, gender, race, religion or nationality.  

Join us to discover a future of opportunities.

Working at Group42 Group42 is a leading artificial intelligence and cloud computing company dedicated to the development and deployment of holistic and scalable AI solutions.

​​​​​​​We don’t just create products – but we believe in technology as a way to accelerate human flourishing. 

Some of your benefits

We believe people are our biggest assets and we aim to create an environment where they can stand out and succeed.

Hear from our People

‘I’ve always been fascinated with AI. This is the reason I joined Group42, a fast-growing, progressive AI company with a culture that encourages learning and development. Group42 gives its employees the opportunity to make the most of their skills and abilities. There’s a support system here to help you to be successful.”
AYSHA ALI SAEED AL ALAWY  Office Manager, Group42 Healthcare 
“I was one of the first members of the Group42 Cloud team in June 2019. Since then, Group42 Cloud has evolved into the next era of cloud computing and has set the bar on constant innovation and improvement. Group42 Cloud has exceeded my expectations. Its policy of excellence and support has allowed me to grow and expand on my capabilities. There is an open door policy at Group42 Cloud, no glass ceiling and everyone has a voice. If you’re looking for diversity, development and a challenge, Group42 Cloud is the right place”
IMRAN ARSHAD Engineer, Group42 Cloud
“I have never worked for an organization with such forward-thinking leadership. They are willing to take a concept and invest with unrivalled resources and speed. Need a super computer? Great, let's build the fastest one in the region. Need some new capabilities? Ok, let’s see who can partner with. At a time when companies are cutting back, Group42 is willing to do whatever it takes to expand revenue streams and build tomorrow’s technology. There is a culture of autonomy and even though it is a relatively large organization, it has a start-up feel, meaning you can nurture your entrepreneurial skills and bring good ideas to fruition very quickly.”
FIAKK LARKIN Head of Investment, Group42 Asset Management
AI is not the future. It is the present. I am happy to be a part of a company that has the right vision in place, one which fosters collaboration, efficiency and growth. If you’re passionate about AI and cloud computing technologies, Group42 is the place to be.
Government and Public Affairs